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The Suncook Valley

Friday Night Paddlers

Seasonal Friday Night Kayak and Canoe adventures - Pittsfield NH Northwood NH Barnstead NH

Enjoying the Suncook River and surrounding lakes and ponds

in cool, early evening, summer nights

We are a group of  Families with children, Couples, Singles, and water loving Dogs. From age 2 to 92 we have all ages on the water. Enjoy the kayaking (or canoeing), make new friends, and explore the area. Come join us!


"Thanks for a full summer of absolutely amazing memories!"

collage of our 2012 season

Everyone's welcome. We get children and grandchildren as young as age 10, some have never been in a kayak before. From youngsters to seniors, from singles of all ages to couples to entire families, everyone has a good time. Paddle alone in quite solitude or enjoy friendly chatter with your new paddling friends. Always calm, flat water locations and helping hands to unload or load your kayak or canoe. Enjoy the natural scenery and/or the colorful lakeside homes and camps. Make new friends and explore new places!

Most people in America have a place the can kayak nearby. But here in central NH we are blessed. We have lots of places to go paddling. During our June, July, Aug. paddling season we never visit the same site/adventure twice and we never get to visit all the available sites. This diversity is exactly why you should take up paddling if you live nearby and join us to make new friends and discover new places to paddle.

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48 Wildwood Drive

Pittsfield, NH 03263


Interactive map of the area  - LINK CLICK HERE -

Suncook River stream flow data from the gauges on Depot Rd.

Join us on Friday nights (June, July, August. We begin paddling at  6 PM  so arrive a bit sooner to launch your boat) - at various sites in Barnstead, Pittsfield, Chichester, Northwood, Epsom for an hour or two of calm, flat water kayaking and paddling. Back at the launch site about 7:15 PM





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winter kayaking

Off season kayaking


Visit the Loon.org web site

Loons are a New Hampshire Lake treasure. They are easily frightened by large groups of kayakers and boats. Get out of their way as quickly as you can. Keep your distance.

From Late June through the end of Aug. the Barnstead Rec. Department has free Sat. Night concerts on the green at Barnstead Parade. 6 - 8 PM - Bring a chair and enjoy the music



Welcome to the 2020 Season!

We shove off at: 6 PM  ----  (just show up!)




 Friday Aug 28, 2020 -  We will be paddling:


whites pond

Whites Pond - Pittsfield NH (on RT 107)


White's Pond in located in Pittsfield on RT 107 south just a half mile or so south of the Rite Aid store. It butts up to RT 107 with a dam next to RT 107. There is a grassy lawn/park right there to park and launch. It is a 'small man made lake with pretty houses and a marshy back end.





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your host - Paul Oman (pauloman555@yahoo.com)


Support our waterways. Please visit the Friends of the Suncook River website http://www.friendsofsuncookriver.org and find them on Facebook.


Membership is only $12 per year. Opportunities for directors and officers on this NH non-profit corporation. PLEASE JOIN - YOUR SUPPORT IS NEEDED


The mission of the Friends of the Suncook River is to maintain a healthy Suncook River watershed by educating and engaging citizens in its history, recreation, and protection


July - Aug -- free Sat. Night concerts on the Parade Grounds at Barnstead Parade (next the the dam/ramp) - 6 - 8 PM. Bring a chair and join us!


This season, like the last few seasons, is dedicated to the memory of my late wife,

Claire Elaine Wong Oman

Claire at Jenness Pond - Northwood, NH - 7/27/12


Goodbye my Sweet Wife, I will always Love You.

The pain never goes away

Claire Oman 9/3/14

Are there kayaks in Heaven?

Bella wishes you Happy Kayaking and

wants to meet you on Friday

Bella, my best friend, all time companion, and my family

Recent  Trips



June 7, 2019  Suncook River - Barnstead Parade  (about 12 boats attended)

June 14, 2019   Jenness Pond

June 21, 2019   Northwood Lake (east side)

June 28  Lucas Pond

July 5 Lower Suncook Lake - north end (upper/lower lake ramp)

July 12 Whites Pond - Pittsfield

July 19  Lower Suncook Lake

July 26 2019  Harvey Lake

Aug 2 2019 Suncook River - Center Barnstead

Aug 9 2019 Pleasant Lake

Aug 16 Brindle Pond - Barnstead

Aug 23 Chestnut Pond - Epsom

Aug 30 - Lougee Pond - Barnstead



Suncook River - Pittsfield, June 9, 2017


Suncook River - Pittsfield, June 9, 2017






Lougee Pond - Barnstead  08/19/2016




Jenness Pond Aug 12 2016



Launching - Lower Suncook River Allenstown Aug 5 2016



Suncook River - Barnstead Parade  July 29 2016







Pittsfield NH - Drake Field - Suncook River - June 10 2016



Suncook River - Barnstead NH June 26, 2015

Want to get more involved in the environmental care and support of our local Suncook River watershed? Consider joining the Friends of The Suncook River. Check out their web site - CLICK HERE .

Recent trips

July 12, 2013

Harvey Lake, Northwood  ---   8 boats attended


Bella - the Paddler's Mascot on Harvey Lake  7-12-13


Northwood Lake, Northwood (43  13.328 N  ---  71  15.279 W)
June 14, 2013

15 Kayaks showed up for a delightful 1 3/4 hour paddle on Northwood Lake

It was great!


Brindle Pond, Barnstead, NH

(43.36396 N -- 71.24616 W)

June 7, 2013


"Bella" the kayaking dog!




Launch site at the Bow Lake, Northwood

Launch Ramp at Drake Field, Pittsfield, NH

Suncook River


barnstead parade

suncook river

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suncook river

center barnstead

pleasant lake CLICK HERE    
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chestnut pond CLICK HERE    
lougee pond CLICK HERE    




Friends of the Suncook River


Northwood Area Land

Management Collaborative


Want to get more involved in the environmental care and support of our local Suncook River watershed? Consider joining the Friends of The Suncook River or NALMC. Check out their web sites on the links above.